Hotel F+B

Poole Associates has  designed 16 spaces at Avasa, Hyderabad, India [the entire hotel except landscaping + architecture 2012]

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2023 ReFresh > last update 03.02.23

Level 1 Ball Room + Meeting Rooms :


New wall veneer throughout the entire floor

New carpets

New White Onxy flooring

New Golden Onyx wall features

New wall padding

< Adding bespoke glass Aryia.5 pendants at ceiling Oculus

Existing LED lighting to be completely re-lamped 


Level 1 Toilets

Standing basins to be replaced with counter top basins

New Basins are being added : Newform Solo Steel x4 [Milan]  

All wall veneers to be re-newed

Additional lighting to make the rooms brighter

Feature walls with Golden Onxy

Two additional Basins are being added to Ballroom Toilets : Toto Sirius x 8 [India]


Pi | All-Day Dining

New art selections [x6]

All lighting to be re-lamped

All side stations refurbished with new drawers and doors


Guest Rooms

New art selections : James Web Telescope, Nasa

All lighting to be re-lamped, new Slim Pendants at bedside tables

Carpets replaced with new circular designs [48 pcs]



All lighting to be re-lamped, Shadow Panel lighting changed from blue to warm white



Celestial Ballroom

All LED lighting to be re-lamped

Adding Arya.5 Pendants to all Oculus

New wall + Door veneer

New White Onyx flooring at room borders

Environmental carpet, constructed from recycled fishing nets

EGE Carpets, Denmark


Ballroom Grand Stair

All LED lighting to be re-lamped

Adding 400mm wall extensions to make inner handrails taller



All LED lighting to be re-lamped with added fixtures

Twigg artworks to be re-installed painted matte black

Existing 'Passion Privet' seating to be revamped to perfect condition

New alfresco lounge seating under sun protection tarps

Alfresco landscaping to be improved


NOYA roof deck bar

All LED lighting to be re-lamped

New lounge seating groups

Fire Stair access to be improved