In this pan-Asian restaurant, everything from the starters to the desserts is Asian and presented with a twist to appease the senses while dining and also to accentuate its visual appeal.

Avasa’s pan-Asian approach covers the cuisines of China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Indonesia and its USP lies in strictly not serving Indianised Asian food. The idea is if the pan fried duck roast has to be a little sweet, it will be served sweet and the taste will be explained to the guest while it is being ordered. So, go for the Pan seared duck on watermelon with hoisin sauce and you will not regret the selection.

But begin with the Japanese ginger salad, a hot and sweet salad wrapped with cream and served with ginger juliennes.

But before all this, sit at your table and watch a flower bloom in a transparent tea pot. Rest assured, it is organic and not any electronic Chinese gimmick. It is a dried flower which blooms right in front of you when dropped on a pot of hot water. As one sips the tea, the table is made ready with Asian home made traditional pickles and sauces.

There is a lot to eat and try for starters here and this should leave vegetarians wondering what is for them.

To begin with, the crispy shiitake with enoki mushrooms (braised shiitake tossed with pungent chinkiang vinegar topped with crispy Japanese Enoki mushrooms), Wasabi Prawns, Prawns cooked in Chinese style, tossed with European mayonnaise, infused with Japanese wasabi and served with macadamia nuts. Next to try is the Miso baked cod, a mirin and sake steeped miso cod with homemade mustard sprouts, the twist to this dish: Japanese ingredients and European mayonnaise. A must try is the Crispy crab claw in black pepper, a perfect combination of softness packed within a crispiness package.

In soups there is the lemon grass scented mushroom soup, Spinach with crab meat and enoki.

In the main course there is a choice of noodles and rice to select from — vegetable olive rice, prepared with Italian kalamata olives used with Indian long grain rice, wok tossed Singaporean style. If olive oil isn’t your kind of taste, go for the Jasmine rice and relish it with Claypot Chicken or Okra with hot basil.

The Lamb rending makes for a perfect combination with the jasmine rice.


What: Pan Asian Cuisine at Hotel Avasa

Table for two : Rs. 1500 and above

Where : Hi-Tec City

When: Lunch and Dinner

USP: Authentic contemporary pan-Asian