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Posted: Monday, Oct 05, 2009 at 0441 hrs | text : Meher-Fatma


Viet Eats

You will be taken in by the beaded chandeliers, the green marble floor and the gold-dusted walls before you remember to look at the menu. The new restaurant Blue Ginger at the Taj Palace Hotel is steeped in style, with an unmistakable French accent, but maintains a no-fuss menu of contemporary Vietnamese food.

Once the home of Tea House of the August Moon, the venue has been fancifully upgraded with an adjoining bar and al fresco deck seating. The menu plays safe with modern Vietnamese food that borrows liberally from French, Chinese and Thai cooking styles. So, the beef is flambéed, curries are served with breads and flat noodles are dressed with lime leaves.

We begin our meal with a summery offering of Raw Mango Salad (Rs 300), and Shrimp and Chives Rolls (Rs 400) that come with a sweet chilli dip to add a spicy angle to the otherwise mildly flavored rolls. The meal gets the much-needed uplift in Crispy Taro Prawns (Rs 800). The prawns are liberally coated in a mash of our humble arbi and deep-fried — and come out amazingly crispy. Stir Fried Angus (a popular American breed of beef) in Pepper Sauce is pricy at Rs 2,400, but comes with some culinary ceremonies. It is served in a bamboo stem and flambéed on the table before being scooped out on the plates — typically fragrant and flavored with black pepper.

If you want your fix of uncomplicated chicken, go for Grilled Chicken (Rs 600) served with lemon wedges and rock salt. This one comes light and juicy. There is also Chicken Red Cari with Okra (Rs 600). If you are tempted to try the unusual combination, be warned that the generously spiced red curry sauce totally overwhelms the flavour of the bird.

Dessert offerings are plenty, but it is best to ignore the humdrum tiramisu, fritters and caramel custard. Instead opt for Taro Dumplings with Mung Bean Ice Cream (Rs 450). The tiny dumplings filled with crushed coconut and jaggery complement the delightfully creamy scoop.

Meal for two: Rs 3,500  | Location: Taj Palace Hotel,

Sardar Patel Marg  | Contact: 011 2611 0202

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