#37.01 | Penthouse One Pearlbank Apartments 


13.02.19 | Pre Demolition > The Final photo shoots



Photography Final Shoot | Darren Soh

Photography Handover | Ed Poole


Penthouse Floor Plans


Click here to see a collection of images from the hand-over of keys on 1st November 2000. The transformation is shocking !


Penthouse One Pearlbank | BEFORE


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7:30pm on 30th April 2019 Pearlbank Apartments goes dark, as all residents have vacated the building. The corridor lights will remain on for awhile as cleaning crews clean up the tremendous mess of discarded furniture left in the corridors and fire stairs.

View the final photo shoot of Penthouse One, by Darren Soh. Photos of the vacated penthouse appear at the bottom of this page. Photos by Ed Poole 




Pre Demolition > the Final photo shoots



25.06.19 | Scaffolding up to level 27


01.05.19 | Click the image above to visit our new space at Block 81 Tiong Poh Road