The Great Decay


by the Great Spy Experiment

Video shoot at Penthouse One, One Pearlbank

 00 | 09 | 2009



About The Great Spy Experiment

The plan was simple. Get two guitars, a bass, a keyboard and a drum set. And rock. Five different people. One common goal:  To change the face of Singapore music.

Drawing influences from bands like Ash, The Killers, Mansun, Radiohead, Kent, Suede and Interpol, The Great Spy Experiment create music that is described as 'a champagne-fuelled cocktail of powerpop, indie, rock and dance’. As much guitar-led as it is beat-driven, with indie riffs juxtaposing irresistable pop hooks and dance textures overlaying dance-able rock-grooves, the music is created with the dance floor in mind and the bedroom at heart. In just over three years, the band has gone from virtual unknowns to being touted as the nation's indie darlings, on the back of incessant gigging and electrifying live performances, featuring in internationally renowned events such as the Baybeats, Singfest, Mosaic and ZoukOut festivals. In March 2007, the band travelled to the USA where they tore the stages at the South-by-Southwest Festival in Austin, as the first Singaporean representatives in the 21-year old event, as well as the San Antonio Indie Fest. In April 2007, the band travelled to the USA again, this time to perform at Singapore Day at New York's Central Park. The Great Spy Experiment's debut full-length album 'Flower Show Riots' was released in September 2007. 'Flower Show Riots' garnered rave reviews from both the local and international media, with one reviewer touting it as a minor tour-de-force that stands up easily to any modern-rock LP on the Billboard charts. The band held their first ticketed concert in April 2008 at the Esplanade to a full-capacity crowd, another milestone in their quest to change the face of Singaporean independent music. The band is currently working on a second album

For bookings, please contact Mike See at:
m: +65 9748 7257 | e : thegreatspyexperiment@gmail.com

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