Hotel F+B


7 murals by artist : Sasi Krishnan depicting the life of noble men and women from the 4 Southern states. 


Southern Spice

traditional South Indian cuisine

served in a space inspired by the Chola Kingdom of 900 AD



Profile :

Sasi Krishnan born in Kerala India, August 4th 1966, the young born artist Sasi scribbled with color stones and charcoal. He was inspired by his father's skill of building houses in villages and he wanted to pursue the architectural field, but his versatility of talents led him to become a practitioner in art and cartoon. His maiden cartoon was born in the classroom when he was studying in 3rd standard in MSUP school, Vatakara, Kerala. He was punished for drawing a cartoon on his slate while a serious session of class was going on. Years later the burning desire to become an artist drove him to join the Kerala School of Arts Talassery, India. He then trained in printmaking at Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai under a renowned printmaker Prof. Radhakrishna Yadav and studied under a popular Karnataka artist Prof. Hire Goudar at DMS Lalitha Kala Samsthana, Mysore.

His early life had every conceivable comfort with parental and siblings care and love and well groomed with social exposure since his parents were social workers too.


Contact :

Studio: #2/191-G,
6th Street, Anuman Colony [opposite prarthana]
Injambakkam, Chennai 600 | India

web :


Mural 1 | PDR 3 wall

Karnataka | option 1.1


Mural 2 | Stage Right

Tamil Nadu | option 2.1

Kausalya, Sumitra and Kalkey receive the payasa from Dasaratha. The artist has portrayed the queens as being beautiful and gives you an insite into the fashion of the 18th C. The queens are attended by two ladies in waiting holding the fan and flywhisk.

Mural 2 | Stage Right

Tamil Nadu | option 2.2

Mural 3 | PDR 2 Wall

Karnataka | option 3.1


Mural 4 | PDR 1 wall 

Karnataka | option 4.1

Mural 4 | PDR 1 wall

Karnataka | option 4.2

Various noblemen + women


Mural 5 | PDR 1+2 Ceiling

Karnataka | option 5.1

Monochrome stencils

Mural 6 | PDR3 Ceiling

Andhra Pradesh option 6.1

Mural 6 | PDR 3 Ceiling

Andhra Pradesh option 6.2

Mural 7 | Stage Left

Kerala option 7.1