Jean Yip PLT Centre

January 2003





Plaza Singapura #02.15, Singapore


S M A L L   B U T   P E R F E C T L Y   F O R M E D

This project was terminated 80% through construction - due to Landlords discretionary relocation of the tenant.

Mid range spa facilities directed at the mass market. Simple, utilitarian and somewhat clinical. Efficient space planning was required to squeeze in Reception, Consultation Room, Oxygen Therapy, 2 Facial treatment rooms, 4 Powerlite rooms, 2 Slimming rooms, Pantry, Dressing and Housekeeping.


Construction materials consisted of non-hypo allergenic carpeting, compressed polished concrete, timber veneers, back painted glass and aluminum furniture.


Jean Yip Salon Pte Ltd

60 Kaki Bukit Place #07.18

Eunos Techpark


#02.15 Plaza Singapura, Singapore

T 65 | 6846 | 2284

F 65 | 6846 | 1633
















Project Design Team :

Poole Associates Private Limited

Block 81 #02-65a Tiong Poh Road Singapore 160081


T 65 | 6536 | 3928


Main Contractor :

Mason Works Pte Ltd

#01.02 TradeMart



T 65 | 6225 | 3545



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Poole Associates Private Limited


Above Reception : Below Central Corridor

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