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T  H  E    G  L  A  S  S    B  O  X

A metaphorical representation of a classical cornice dominates the reception area of property developers: Liang Court Holdings, in the form of the reception counter. Surrounded by back lit glass walls, an allegory is created in the placement of this detailed element, against a modernist background that symbolizes the 'glass box' - a euphemism for modern architecture.

Liang Court is located on floors 3, 8 and 14 of Tiong Bahru Plaza. Departments within these floors include Region Development, The Wuthelam Group and Tung Lok Group.

This fast-tracked project was constructed in 6 weeks, to reduce the cost of rental outlay for the client. As well as freeing the previous office location earlier - for releasing.

The Poole Associates team and main contractor split into 2 groups of designers and carpenters. Continuing with design drawings, detailing, site observation and site construction working 12 hour shifts, maintaining progress 24 hrs a day.

Careful space planning resulted in a tight floor plan with little wasted area, not an easy task, considering the splayed shape of the floor plate. 186 workstations were designed to allow for individual modification within a standard module. The systems furniture, locally manufactured by Workgroup Systems, was completed within this 6 week period. The factory was also split into 3 teams of workers, manufacturing and site installation taking place 24 hours a day. Different color schemes for each department were necessitated by the local availability of thousands of meters of panel fabric. The overall scheme is unified by the use of silver-metallic auto paint used on metal trim and case goods.

Project Team:
Ed Poole, Andrew Jones, Marie Bogart

Photography : Poole Associates

Workgroup Systems Pte Ltd      

[formerly known as JDC Systems Pte Ltd] 

No. 64 Sungei Kadut Street 1, Singapore 729365

Tel: 65 6368 4022

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3rd floor

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8th floor

14th floor