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T  H  E   G  R  A  N  N  Y   L  O  O  K

This Häagen-Dazs cafe was constructed at 901 East Coast Road, Singapore 1995 in a building named Springvale

Located in a new strip mall building with little character, the objective was to offer a warm, inviting place to savor Häagen-Dazs products - especially coffee, which was becoming increasingly more popular in Singapore at that time.

The front facade of the building was removed, and pushed back by 2 meters to create a small exterior terrace [for smoking] and to relax open air, surrounded by French doors in-filled with hand-blown antique glass with brass detailing.

A large number of hanging baskets, and 10 foot tall potted coffee trees engulf the terrace, absorbing the customer in a tropical 'urban jungle'.

Responding to the slightly older demographics of the neighborhood, the interior was softened from the standard Häagen-Dazs look with a delicate pale pink shattered marble floor inset with hand-placed black stones forming borders.   Rich green velvet padding above cream painted timber-panel walls reduce sound reverberation. A series of hand-made stained glass pendant lights reminiscent of Charles Rennie Macintosh, in pale pink and tropical greens hang above the dining area. Potted Boston ferns on cast iron plant stands complete the Granny look.




Project Team:
Ed Poole, Andrew Jones,  Wong Kim Mei, Teo Siew Lin

Photography : Poole Associates

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