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 June | July 1994

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A street-smart warehouse building set at the back of the store houses the Nike brand of sports products. STADIUM's 10,000 sq. ft. is constructed of real brick, solid woods and tons of steel beams which form the bleachers under which customers pass  to enter the store. Product lines feature muted colors, natural fabrics and stylish cuts. Poole Associates limited the use of any superfluous plastic materials or fake construction detailing.


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The Nike warehouse with merchandise. A display case at the center of the room features autographed basketballs and rare memorabilia from the NBA.

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S P O R T S   A N D   F A S H I O N   F U S E

at STADIUM        [edited

In an era when sports and fitness play an increasingly important part in people's lives, it's no surprise that sportswear is becoming the latest fashion statement on the streets.

STADIUM, located at Basement 2 of Ngee Ann City Tower B, is a fusion of sports and fashion, providing the latest in athletic and leisure wear.

Poole Associates has created a turn-of-the-century baseball stadium amid the grandeur of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, complete with wrought-iron gates, a sun bleached wooden stadium structure and red brick walls. From fashion forward to street smart, STADIUM'S styles express youthful energy and celebrate the joy of living. The store follows the 90's trend to return to tradition, reflecting a generation tired of chrome and marble.

Update 2004 - this store is still open after 10 years 







Project Team:
Ed Poole, Steve McLaren, Dinah Bornat, Gillian Sutter

Photography : Poole Associates Private Limited  - 1

Photography : Unknown - 2,3

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