38 Seah Street Singapore

March 2003

Seah Street elevation with facade restoration 


This project has been cancelled

38 Seah Street will be demolished

Alley & courtyard elevation>

The rear elevation has a subtle Asian quality - an elegant curve to the curtain wall creates a canopy at the alley door in the manner of a Pagoda

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Plaza Singapura outlet

- Jean Yip PLT Spa


T  H  E    B  I  G    C  H  I  L  L

Restoration of building facade and conversion of internal use to a spa center, with new 4 storey re-construction at the rear.  

Project Design Team:
Ed Poole, Norman Anton, Wong Kim Mei, Mateo H. Osorio Jr.


Architect of Record:
William Lau Architects

64B Peck Seah Street, Heritage Court, Singapore 079325

T 65 6324 5688  F 65 6324 5677







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