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Ohm is all set to raise the bar for fine-dining Asian cuisine in the city, thanks to its innovative fusing of global food styles and flavours, besides an uber stylish presentation.

Designed by architect-interior designer Ed Poole from Poole Associates, [renowned worldwide, especially in the hospitality industry], Ohm's seating [76 covers] is at three levels. The interiors are contemporary, with the predominant use of glass, teakwood and bamboo, and miniature paintings, as well as some abstract work [standing sticks] by Australian artist Tony Twigg. The Oriental touches are subtly reflected in the woven rattan panels on the walls, a floral podium with Buddha Hair Urns, Saigon breeze candle lamps, and the use of Narumi crockery.

Elegant touches, like a pot of Chinese 'blooming tea' [dried-flower-blossom-wrapped tea leaves left to bloom and brew on your table] and a vegetarian 'amuse bouche', add to the dining experience. On the menu, are Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian cuisine, besides a separate menu for dim sum and sushi.

We start with Crispy Shiitake with Enoki, braised Chinese shiitake mushrooms, tossed with pungent Chinkiang vinegar, which provide a spicy (and black-hued) edge to the crisply-fried white Japanese Enoki mushroom. Next up is Wasabi Prawns, bay prawns tossed in European mayo and infused with Japanese wasabi, plated with macadamia nuts, how is that for fusion? We also try the Crispy Lamb with three peppers, prawn dumpling, Crispy Crab Claw in Black Pepper, Chicken Suimai and for vegetarians, there is Crispy Lotus Stem and Stir fried long beans with Tofu and Peppers.


For main courses, there is Vegetable Olive Rice, Udon Chicken Noodles, Monkey Head Mushrooms with Preserved Vegetables, Okra in Hot Basil, and Miso Baked Cod, which undoubtedly is the highlight of the meal. Chilean sea bass steeped in mirin and sake [both Japanese rice wines, for the uninitiated], and topped with home-made mustard sprouts, the Miso Baked Cod is also one of Ohm's signature dishes. The vegetable olive rice also has a quirky twist, with Italian kalamata olives used in Indian long grain rice, tossed in a wok, Singaporean-style!

For desserts, there is Warm Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream, followed by Pineapple Tart with Lychee Praline, and honey almond ice cream, both as superlative as the rest of the meal.

OHM: AVASA Hotel, Plot No: 15,24,25 & 26 Sector - 1,Survey No: 64, Huda Techno Enclave, Madhapur
Meal for two: ₨ 2,000
Timing: 12.30 pm to 3 pm, 7.30pm -12 pm

Service: 4.50
Decor: 4.50

Must try: Baked Miso Cod, Crispy Shiitake with Enoki, Vegetable Olive Rice, Wasabi Prawn

 Interior Photography : Bharath Ramamrutham at Graf Publishing Pvt Ltd | Goa

Interior Design : Poole Associates Private Limited | Singapore

Architecture : Nandu Associates | Hyderabad


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