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Brewerkz Restaurant + Microbrewery


Outlet no. 1 is located at Riverside Point, facing the Singapore river. The brewery is located here, in a soaring 4 story high space of 11,000 sq ft. [The original design firm from California no longer exists], Poole Associates has implemented 4 phases of renovation works since 2001 and designed 'little sister' > Cafe Iguana.


Brewerkz Brasserie : Goodwood Park Hotel > Un realized

Brewerkz Dining Room : 2004 > Un realized

Brewerkz Bar relocation : 2004 > Un realized

Brewerkz [Serpent Space] : 2005 > Un realized


Below : Renovation to the dining room 2004 Poole Associates

Full 3d representations of the entire restaurant and mall were created in 2004. Nothing was realized under this project.


3d images copyright Poole Associates 2004

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