2021 | Guilt Free has closed

fallen victim of Covid-19

due to office closures in the CBD

Guilt Free | @ Spaces One Raffles Place | Singapore


At Guilt Free, we believe in balance. We believe in taking care of our health but also living a little. Finding the perfect balance between satisfying soul food and one that our body needs. Balanced meals that are a treat for our body and mind, a guilt free rendition of satisfying delicious meals and good times!

We love our carbs like you do, here at Guilt Free, we mix our signature bowls with Konjac "rice" or "penne" or "noodle", made from natural plant-based source, rich in dietary fibre with almost no calorie, sugar or carbohydrates! We mix our bowls with a balance 50/50 mix Konjac "rice" and your choice of complex carbs, keeping you fuller for longer. One bowl of rice with 50% less guilt!

Located at the heart of Raffles Place, we aim to help you find your balance, one bowl at a time.

Dinner menu starts at 3:00pm daily and happy hour drinks available all day !