Hotel F+B

Taj Coromandel Hotel, Chennai India : Southern Spice

re-opened March 1st 2012


Interiors : Poole Associates Private Limited | Singapore

Lighting : Integrated Lighting Design | California

Bespoke furniture mfgr :

Bespoke lighting mfgr :

Main Contractor : Swati Interior Concepts Private Limited

Bespoke Murals : Artist Sasi Krishnan + others 



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Re-opening its doors to the city of Chennai, the most authentic address for a taste of South India invites you to an encore. Mindful of its illustrious past and a legendary culinary rigor, with its temple inspired decor and richly laid interiors, it offers a promise of old. A treasure trove of Grandma's down the generation recipes from the interiors of South India's culinary districts including Madurai, Karaikudi, Tirunelvelli, Viruddhanagar, Tuticorin, Mangalore, Udipi, Coorg, Bangalore, Vishakapatnam, Nellore, Calicut, Thalessery. The list goes on.

Its craft has remained unyielding and unrelenting over the years. One that requires its master chefs to undertake ritual journeys, traversing the heart and hearths of South India in search of elusive secrets of the kitchen. In search of recipes that are destined to be lore.

In keeping with tradition, Southern Spice presents yet another edition of a well researched menu ringing in some of the most intricate and vivid flavors from the South of the Vindhyas.

We invite you to partake in this journey where the past and the present come together to transport you to another world where colors, flavors and aromas come alive. And where time stands still.

Vannakam to Southern Spice!

Southern Spice

traditional South Indian cuisine

served in a space inspired by the Chola Kingdom of 900 AD


Entry to Southern Spice is via the hotel lobby. A communal reservation desk serves this restaurant and the others at the side of the lobby.

The Foyer is clad with bush hammered granite from the south coastal areas of Chennai. Bronze details adorn silver leafed wall niches, with peacock and lotus motifs. A Chola period dancer rests on a bronze shelf.









Antiqued La Leaf : from Artistic Tile USA installed as backdrops to Chola period bronze statues.

A series of 8 columns mounted to solid granite plinths with Tamil Nadu lotus motifs demarcate the central hall. The columns are timber, clad with silver leaf finish. Elaborate column capitals support carved timber corbels. The resultant perimeter arcades act as circulation paths, as similarly found in traditional temple plans.



Area rugs are hand tufted wool, utilizing the traditional Kolam patterns made from sand, as in this example below : 


The Central Hall forms a grand room in the spirit of South Indian palaces. The walls are lined with carved timber planks, common to Kerala, incised with slots to facilitate airflow in the balmy climate.

Lotus motifs are carved into the ceiling as typically found in ancient stone temples.

As our concept is based on the 900 AD Chola Kingdom, the use of electrical chandeliers would be out of place. Here we are lighting the room with live flames, in custom made bronze Villaku wall urns modeled from ones found at Padmanabhapuram palace.

Bespoke chairs are lined with tufted cushions and an open lattice back with woven rattan side panels for ventilation.

Bespoke flatware includes an array of items with peacock, lotus and temple motifs. Fabricated in Jaipur by Arun, silver and gold plate add a touch of luxury.



At the far end of the central hall, a stage is provided for live performances of traditional dance, accompanied by 2 musicians. When not in use, the stage lowers to become flush with the floor.


The 5 Southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka , Kerala, Tamil Nadu  and Maharashtra are each represented via bespoke wall and ceiling murals by Chennai artist Sasi Krishnan.


A private dining room features a wall mural of a Karnataka nobleman.

Bronze sculptures adorn the spaces, in silk lined niches

Kerala style wall panels would traditionally have vertical slats for ventilation. Here a stylized peacock feather motif adorns the panels


Tamil Nadu Columns with granite bases and silver leafed columns



Cuisine: Culinary delights from the Four Southern States
Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh
Location: Lobby Level
Hours: 12:30pm - 2:45pm + 7pm - 11:45pm
Reservations: Tel 044 66002827 or 2728
Attire: Smart Casual