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Ming Yang : Taj Lands End Mumbai, India

Re-opened September 10th 2015

Interiors : Poole Associates Private Limited | Singapore

Lighting : Integrated Lighting Design | California

Bespoke furniture mfgr :

Bespoke lighting mfgr :

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True to its promise of classical Chinese cuisine, Taj Lands End brings to you the very popular Ming Yang in its brand new avatar. Embracing modernity, the new dynasty of Ming Yang is sleek and contemporary also exhibiting hints of tradition through its ethnic cuisine. The brilliant design spells sheer style, sophistication and reflects a modest color pallet.

Bringing avant-garde architecture and interiors to Taj Lands End, Ming Yang has been designed by the illustrious architect, Ed Poole of Poole Associates Private Limited, Singapore. Recognized for his innovative take on design, Poole Associates specializes in a variety of styles, such as Moroccan, extreme Japanese, Asian Tapas, Coastal Mediterranean and Urban-Resort concepts. Ming Yang has been designed keeping in mind the nuances of Chinese cuisine and culture, making for a spectacular atmosphere.




< Traditional stone lions greet guests at the new open foyer

Guarded by the mythic powers of the Shi, a manifestation of the yin and yang, the imperial duo carved out of granite, beckon guests to a truly unique oriental excursion. Representing the world’s richest and most diverse culinary heritage, the new design encapsulates culture and cuisine traditions in subtle minimalistic format. The interiors are a mélange of black and grey stone walls signifying the cookware in which traditional Chinese food is served. Taking inspiration from the Forbidden City, the Beijing-brick texture of these walls replicate the complex and diachronic nature of the property. Illustrating the yang appeal of wood, a highly regarded element by the Chinese, the new design exhibits traces of teak and Rosewood, exemplified by the exquisitely carved tables paired with sleek wooden chairs. Illuminating the décor are the striking pristine 'Cloud' chandeliers that add to the ethereal mood of the fine dining experience at the restaurant. The architecture ensemble of Ming Yang is nothing short of celestial.

Ming Yang invites you to a contemporary cosmos with an in-depth understanding of Chinese cuisine and culture. Abiding by authenticity, the new avatar of Ming Yang leaves no stone unturned to bring to its guests a complete gastronomic experience.

The host counter is clad in bronze armor tiles inspired by the first Emperors' terra cotta army. Each tile cast by hand, is set in a frame of burnished leather.


View of the main dining space from the entry foyer. A private dining room at the far end is clad in hand carved screens clad in silver leaf


After passing through the entry foyer and tea humidor, the space opens up, revealing a one and a half height ceiling area, the 'Great Hall'.



Teak Mahjong tables for two are set along the 'Great Wall', adjacent to the rooms focal point: a 4.5 meter long silver imperial dragon.


A red contemporary ceramic artwork by Mumbai artist ......... adds a splash of vibrant color and texture to the main dining space


The bronze clad 'Great Wall' drops down into the sunken Great Hall dining area, that overlooks the adjacent ocean. Ethereal transparent cloud chandeliers add visual depth, hovering under an embossed plaster ceiling adorned with a 'perpetual eight' motif  


The built-in waiter station at the Great Hall dining area will feature a collection of antique tea pots from China


Impressive detail embellishes the surface of the silver imperial dragon, holding a pearl, which represents the soul and power of the first Emperor


The private dining room with bespoke hand carved screens clad in silver leaf and textured glue-glass is a calm space with a simple muted color palette. These screens can fully open up to the rest of the dining room, or here, closed : for full privacy


Chunks of broken crystal are suspended in tight orderly rows like the sentinel terra-cotta warriors of Chins' first army. In the day-time, this room has a soothing view of the adjacent lush gardens at Taj Lands End


Another semi private dining room is entered off the foyer. This room overlooks the Great Hall and can be opened up to the hotel main lobby for standing cocktail parties or other events with unlimited capacity. The soft golden hues give the space a more casual residential feel, similar to the main hall of a hutang.

Bespoke bronze pendant lamps resemble star-anise - a prominent spice in Chinese Cuisine.


Table setting at the Great Hall

Images here are pre-opening. Contact the Taj Palace Lands End PR department for publishable images


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