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September 2002


F O R   A   W O R L D   O F   C H O I C E

Newly renovated 24 hour restaurant located at the lobby level is a contemporary 24 hour restaurant with an Asian twist.


It is a bustling outlet set in a magical and futuristic world with natural colors and textures combined with modern hi-tech materials, located in the exclusive arcade of the Hotel Inter.Continental | Dubai. 

[Now the Radisson SAS Hotel Deira Creek]


For your dining pleasure, this outlet is organized around the buffet’s display including live cooking stations plus bar and coffee areas. It boasts extensive dishes of superb quality, A La Carte menu, daily International buffets ranging from local Mezzah to seafood, some of the best Indian cuisine from our Tandoor oven and an extensive tea menu to help you finish off your perfect meal. Open 24 hours, 7 days per week.

The soothing sound of cascading water emanates from a 'floating' Balinese steel bowl at an overflow tank surrounded by green granite. Once used for making tofu, this pot originates from Singaraja - North Bali. A second pot at the rear platform is used for an abundant display of fresh fruits. 


Breakfast Buffet - Dhs.73.00 net

Lunch Buffet - Dhs.99.00 net


Don’t miss weekly theme nights, which have become a specialty of Boulvar!


Arabic Night | Sunday

Asian Night | Thursday

A La Française | Wednesday

Seafood Night | Tuesday

All Theme Nights are priced at Dhs.119.00 net

Brunch Buffet – Every Friday from 12.00 noon to 16.00 hrs

Adults –Dhs.99.00 net & children – Dhs.57.00 net

For reservations or information,

please call 

The Information Center :

971 | 04 | 205 | 7333


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The Director General of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Mr Abdulrahman Al Mutaiwe



"A world of Zen-like design of clean, clear simple lines tastefully decorated with the warmth of traditional rattan and custom abaca furniture. Add to that the crisp feel of classic precision metals"


T R E A T   T O   R E M E M B E R

Dining Out

by Kerry Leigh

Regulars to the Boulevard restaurant at the Hotel Inter.Continental, Dubai will be surprised to see its successor the brand new Boulvar has a completely new look. More contemporary and less cluttered, it still offers the street-side atmosphere where you can dine and watch people moving along the hotel's walkway past the shopping arcade.

Boulvar is now a 24-hour restaurant, seven days a week, and the choice for diners is equally extensive, and widely international, from a special water menu and a tea menu offered in the afternoon, along with small pastries, to a comprehensive a la carte menu, tandoor dishes and Inter.Continental buffets

As we stepped from the sidewalk entrance into Boulvar, it was a transformation from the everyday hustle and bustle of Dubai city life to the sidewalks of Paris. Being Wednesday, we were in time for the French theme night. There are few restaurants around serving French cuisine. At Boulvar, we were soon to realize that we were sampling some of the best French cuisine available in Dubai.

The warmth the staff exude became amply clear as we were met by the friendly L Daniel who was to pamper us all evening. We were ushered into a world of Zen-like design of clean, clear simple lines tastefully decorated with the warmth of traditional wood and bamboo furniture. Add to that the crisp feel of classic precision metals.

The cascading sound of the flowing water feature adds to the charm and serene feel of the environment. We were to learn from Chef Uwe Micheel that the designer of Boulvar is an exponent of Feng Shui, which is reflected in the overall setting.

The seating is organized around the buffet display. There is the main dining area, relaxing sofa areas scattered around the restaurant, raised platforms overlooking the buffet. Preferring a vantage point to watch the happenings around, we opted to sit on the raised portion which gave us a full view of the buffet. The view was to keep me amazed the entire evening.

Chef Arjun Pinto and his staff were ever ready on hand to help out diners making a food choice, or prepare something special they might have tasted before. While we sat engrossed in the happenings, a guest kept moving from one dish to another appearing to look for something. When approached by the staff, they learn that he was looking for a lamb dish he tasted a few nights ago.

However, the dish was not part of the lavish spread tonight. In a flash Chef Pinto came to the rescue and on learning of the wish, set off to prepare the dish right before our eyes. 

It was to happen later when we asked if we could taste the prawn salad with papaya seed dressing, not on the menu, but we had heard of it. 

In a few minutes it was at our table. Which reminds me that the salad in question is worth trying. Guests can also order a la carte, for which a separate menu is available.

The food was arranged in crisp bowls - once again in keeping with the night's theme, as the bright colors of the big array of salads and desserts setting off a picturesque backdrop on the metal surfaces.

From our perch overlooking the entire outlet, life below seemed fascinating. Watching the chefs prepare an assortment of hot dishes as per the request of the guests right below us or watching the staff weave patterns as they glide around the place serving guests or just watching people window shop at the arcade meant there was no time to do nothing.

Making a decision on dishes at a buffet is always a hard one and I think most diners will agree. Hence we were caught in a decision making situation. Should we stick to just the French dishes, or try out the Arabic mezze and Indian tandoor as well. "The cold mezzes and tandoor are popular and are common every night," Chef Pinto informs. Must be worth a try then, we thought.

I was first to try out the vast assortment of salads, ranging from fresh seafood to international Arabic mezze. The Alice salad was my favorite It's an assortment of apples, yogurt, light mayonnaise, celery and orange segments used for the garnish. The crayfish salad as exciting as well and so were the mezzes.

We had little difficulty with the main course as Chef Pinto was around with handy tips. Lamb Kebabs, Paulete saute marengo and Cote de baeuf rotie were his selection. At the tandoor we tried the chicken and fish. The fish can be a bit spicy though Chef Pinto swears it is not and that it could be made more spicy depending on individual taste, the chicken was very tender and tasty.

For dessert, it was fresh fruits, cakes, mousse, tartlets and the traditional Umm Ali. The star is the chocolate mousse though the strawberry one would be a close second.

While Wednesday is the French theme night, Asian night on Thursdays takes diners on an Oriental journey to sample favorite dishes from China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Korea. Each dish is expertly prepared by traditional and original chefs, with live cooking adding to the spectacle.

Sundays is a time for Arabic cuisine. Feast on various hot and cold mezze and a stunning variety of main courses including the spectacular Lamb Ouzi, finished off by a sweet or dessert like Umm Ali and fresh fruit.

Seafood night on Tuesday allows guests to "fish" for more than 30 kinds of fish and seafood dishes, including oysters, lobster, smoked salmon and sushi.

You can enjoy your Fridays with a sumptuous brunch. Theme nights are priced at Dhs 119 net, while other nights are Dhs 109 net. Lunch buffets are available for Dhs 99 net. We also learn that more theme nights are in the offing.

I must say that whatever the Hotel InterContinental Dubai does, it does in style. Boulvar is one place you must visit. All the theme nights are worth a try. You will not be disappointed.


Hotel InterContinental, Dubai UAE

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