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 Oct | Nov 1998

The glass panels along the corridor are lined with reversed circle patterns in metallic vinyl appliqué stick-ons








Bite the bullet with gun imagery in Cop Cafe. The wall panel acts as a reflector bouncing off shimmering shards of light from the mirror ball


K  I  T  S  C  H   +   T  E  L  L


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Gunned Down In Cop Cafe :

The Cop Cafe is where people gravitate for a snack or drink, drawn to the swirling mirrored ball and neon lights like moths to a flame. In the cafe, a long food counter is rounded off with a bar counter, over which hangs the mirrored ball. The semi-circular plan of the room overlooking Orchard Road dictated such an arrangement, explains Poole.

A washed out wall with a rectangular capsule cut-out echoes the adjacent window panels. The blank wall acts as a reflector, bouncing off the shimmering shards of light from the mirrored ball. Sunlight pours in through the yellow capsule windows to highlight the curve of Cop Cafe and flood the space with fresh and fruity natural light.

Jones and Poole stripped the six-meter high ceiling to expose its raw concrete beams as it compliments the raw concrete columns and concrete wall treatment. This they say, is very 90's minimalist. A raised metal deck runs along the curve of the room - its slats provide an interesting chiaroscuro display on sunny afternoons, and gives the cafe a space age feel.

Cops-and-robbers' imagery fills the Cop Cafe, from the body outlines on the carpet to the recessed bullet hole-like motifs on the ceiling and a circular motif pattern that resembles a gun chamber. Fourteen artworks, created by Poole Associates, throughout SPANS were inspired by 70's pop artists and are used as concept enhancing elements, adding visual interest to the huge gallery like spaces of the clubhouse.

Project Teams:

Architectural Interiors, Artworks + Project Management :                    

Poole Associates Private Limited : Andrew Jones, Ed Poole, Rey Tadifa, Willy Baet, Wong Kim Mei

Graphics & Signage, Then Design : Spencer Ball, Cathrine Lim, Kuah Li Ngee  

Clients representatives : Mr. Jeffrey Soh, Maria Soh

Architect of Record : Axis Architects Planners

Interiors Photography : Peter Mealin

Fashion Photography: Peter Lau

Clothes: Song & Kelly

The lease on this space has run out. Lava Lounge and Cop Cafe no longer exist.

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