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Two Bruno chairs upholstered in shocking pink rest on a field of green leaves and stems suggesting the blooms of an orchid plant. At the rear of the shop, a large orchid motif in gold leaf is applied to a lacquered panel in the manner of traditional Chinese signboards.

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Custom details relate to the shop motif. Here wall brackets are laser etched in the shape of an orchid, and placed in an alternating pattern with inexpensive slot brackets to accept hang bars, hooks and shelving.

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Materials board presenting simple low cost elements to be used as 'standards' for subsequent outlets.


O  B  J  E  C  T  S    O  F    D  E  S  I  R  E

This series of retail outlets are being developed to promote the use of the orchid motif as the national dress of Singapore, at official state functions.

As a sublime representation of Singapore, primary design elements are set against a crisp tailored space reflecting forward mobility and anticipation for the future.

Utilizing the tradition of old Chinese sign makers, the orchid logo appears in gold, on  black lacquered panels as a metaphorical supplicate to trade and commerce, expressed as objects of art and desire.

Taking pride of place at the center of the space, a 65 year-old mirror, salvaged from the remains of a demolished shop-house recalls the past while reflecting a lush leaf green carpet, suggesting the garden city.

Two Bruno chairs upholstered in shocking pink rest on the field of green orchid stems and leaves, suggesting blooms of the national flower.


Singapore Dress

Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore

update 2001 - no longer open


Project Design Team :

Poole Associates Private Limited

Ed Poole, Andrew Jones, Marie Bogart, Rey Tadifa


T 65 | 6536 | 3928


Contractor :

Mason Works Pte Ltd 


T  6225 | 3545

F  6238 | 1812



















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