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This 3m x 7m kiosk features a cladding system of silver aluminum panels with open joints, floating from the building surface to help facilitate reduction of heat gain. The roof is topped with a white metal crown which acts as an umbrella, shading the concrete roof slab. Retractable awnings at three sides of the building add further protection from the blazing tropical sun.


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A 3m x 9m kiosk located in the atrium void of Century Square Shopping Centre. A composition of 3 architectural elements intersect in an elegant sculptural form. A glass roof with pivoting frisket glass lends the staff a measure of protection from the many balconies surrounding the atrium.

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The fifth in a series of 7 kiosk designs for Häagen Dazs, Singapore. This kiosk features a swooping curved roof of 7mm thick aluminum sheeting between steel beams. Two asymmetrical pylons support the roof plane with tension cable-stays.

[not constructed]


K   I   O   S   K      D   E   S   I   G   N   S

Le Meridien Hotel Singapore, Orchard Road footpath

[update 2003 : demolished]

Kiosk No. 2


Project Team:
Andrew Jones, Ed Poole, Alex Ninte






Century Square Shopping Centre, Singapore

Kiosk No. 4


Project Team:
Andrew Jones, Ed Poole













Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Orchard Road footpath

Kiosk No. 5


Project Team:
Andrew Jones, Ed Poole

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