M  A  R  A  C  A  S    C  O  C  I  N  A    L  A  T  I  N  A

Maracas is named after the Puerto Rican percussion instrument, unique sounds of which are integral to Latin American music. Used in pairs, the maracas are instrumental in the pulsating beat of salsa music, providing the spice and vitality to popular and  infectious Latino tunes.

Designed by Poole Associates, one should look out for distinctive touches in décor and furniture for an authentic Latin American setting. Chairs are tattooed with Latin cultural symbolisms and matched with solid timber tables; and at the bar area, intricate fret work (carvings) of the shelves are reflective of those found in Latin America. Taking center stage at the bar, an eye-catching antique refrigerator is showcased.

Playing on the maracas theme, every detail at Maracas reflects the fun and exuberance characteristic to Latin American countries, right down to the rustic timber wood wall paneling and ceiling, evoking warmth and hospitality common to "as grandes casas rurais do Brazil" the grand rural homesteads in the Brazilian countryside.

The Bar features an Ecuadorian style provision-shop interior














Project Teams


 Poole Associates Private Limited

Ed Poole, Mateo H. Osorio Jr

T 65 | 6536 | 3928


Main Contractor

Art Base Construction,

67 Sungei Kadut Street 1

Singapore 729369

T 65 | 6362 | 1838


Custom Furniture & wall Components

Heirloom, Java Tenga


Interior Photography

Edmund Ho


Maracas has closed October 2005


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