Text : Ed Poole 1996


B  R  I  D  G  I  N  G    T  H  E    D  I  V  I  D  E

A nine meter long reception desk faces a large open public area. Designed to resemble a bridge, the desk spans a neutral space with the Art Department on one side and client meeting rooms on the other.

The light industrial theme is limited to a restrained palette of blue steel sheeting, white stucco walls, black slate flooring and timber framed glass.

A 21 meter long rolling steel wall closes the office to the public in the evenings. Constructed of metal decking which is usually found in oil refineries, we have placed it vertically on wheels to form the gate.


Large solid steel door panels roll from one end of the office to the other, closing conference rooms, offices or studios. But as there are only 4 doors and 8 spaces - the office occupants are never isolated from each other, while offering privacy when needed.


The project was completed in 3 months with a very limited budget.

Three years later this office was disassembled and relocated to another floor in the same building. Poole Associates was not involved in the relocation or design alterations. Now known as WCJ.

Project Team:
Ed Poole, Rey Tadifa, Kok Poon Vin (Edmund)


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Photography : C I & A

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