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Exterior Photos     

Interior Photos     


Existing Plans

Proposed Layout 1

Proposed Layout 2

Molly Style 2004

Interior Perspectives

Exterior + Interior Elev

3rd Floor : Tenanted


A new

Irish style

Grand Stair

with upholstered

booth seating

on the landings,

helps to ease

the transition

from ground

to level 3,

and gives

the shop house

the feel

of being

a Grand

Georgian home.

See Perspective page








McNally : 1997

Councellor I


McNally Text .pdf



Molly Malone's -

Located at Units 53, 54, 55 & 56 Circular Road, Singapore. These web pages are in progress as working tools for this project and are not for public viewing.

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Cost estimate by Masonworks .pdf file -

now out of date.

Sample elevations below. Note Victorian green glazed tiles to 1.6m ht at Unit 1.

Vertical signs to hang from protruding roof beams - at 45 degree angles, which will offer the best visibility from the angled streets. Final images to be created by Molotov.



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