Our foyer appears on the cover of ISH magazine June 2007 click image for more




2018 : Our penthouse is no longer available for commercials, movies, photo shoots, etc



A new spa bath with soak tub has been created Jan 2010 on level 39. Open-air shower 360 feet above sea level !



P O O L E   A S S O C I A T E S  |  T I O N G  B A H R U


Block 81 Floor Plan | Reconstruction


Block 81 #02-65A Tiong Poh Road, Tiong Bahru Estate

Singapore 160081

Tel + 65 9818 0725



P O O L E   A S S O C I A T E S   P E N T H O U S E 

click on the image above for a peek inside 


Penthouse Floor Plans | Reconstruction | Demolition 2019


#37.01 Penthouse One, One Pearlbank

Singapore 169016

Tel + 65 9818 0725



Articles about Pearlbank and this penthouse are found in these publications - blogs :






Straits Times

Song + Kelly 21



ISH 2003


Groovy Homes | Sexy and delicious living spaces

International Herald Tribune | 30th May 2007 .pdf

ISH June 2007 [fashion shoot]

Business Times Sept 8th 2007

Condé Nast Traveler Oct 2007

Wallpaper Magazine UK [March 2008 issue] 

FORM magazine feature [February 2008 issue]

Financial Times | Arts + Weekend Feb 2008 

VIP Magazine April 2009  



13 | 02 | 19  THE FINAL SHOOT > the final photo shoot of Penthouse One with Darren Soh. Dismantling will commence soon. Furniture that can not fit into the new space is being sold off.



12 | 09 | 17  Very Pte Ltd > documentary shoot with Mr Tan Cheng Siong [architect of Pearlbank Apartments] for Chanel News Asia | airing early 2018.


04 | 08 | 2016  Poole Associates welcomes amanacliq Singapore Pte Ltd for a photo shoot in our Library of #37.01 Pearlbank, for Tiger Beer.


21 | 07 | 2015  Poole Associates welcomes amanacliq Singapore Pte Ltd for a photo shoot in our Library of #37.01 Pearlbank, for UOB Bank.


01 | 06 | 15  Straits Times Money  

30 | 05 | 15  Straits Times C2 Money

08 | 05 | 15  Straits Times B8 Money

02 | 05 | 14  Straits Times B8 HOME

23 | 04 | 14  Straits Times B2 MONEY



05 | 03 | 14 Fashion shoot for an editorial takes place today. Photography by Brendan Zhang.


10 | 07 | 13 The final piece of laminates glass arrives for the Spa Bath toilet privacy screen. The hanging orchid garden is now complete.



30 | 05 | 13 The final kitchen appliance arrives, a Miele jet-black digital oven. [missing in the photo below]


12 | 12 | 12 Boffi K2 unit is installed at the kitchen. The space is no longer a work under construction, but more of a polished machine. Remaining renovations are minor elements of refinement. A 12 year process that has cost +$550,000 sgd.



01 | 10 | 12 Filming at Penthouse One on October 3rd > an interview with Mr. Tan Cheng Siong. Ling Tiong | Producer

Bandit Studios Pte Ltd 11 Collyer Quay #15-06 The Arcade Singapore 049317 | e ling@bandit.sg

27 | 08 | 12 Singapore Archifest 2012  Pearlbank and Penthouse One will be included in this years tours. Don't miss this opportunity to be given a tour of Pearlbank : 20th October 2012 at 2-6 pm. Penthouse One has been featured in dozens of print articles, fashion shoots and movies. Click the links above. See the website for more data >  http://www.archifest.sg

31 | 07 | 12  Poole Associates welcomes [architect of Pearlbank] Tan Cheng Siong and visitors from URA for a walk-around Pearlbank and Penthouse One. 


12 | 07 | 12  Poole Associates welcomes architect  Tan Cheng Siong - a surprise visit with a few architectural friends for a quick walk-around the penthouse. see >



04 | 02 | 12  Poole Associates welcomes Julius Landau for the shooting of a music video featuring The Analog Girl at Penthouse One. See Below


T(h)ree Vol.2 Album Teaser from Julius Landau on Vimeo

21 | 10 | 2011  Poole Associates welcomes Chuan Pictures for a photo shoot in our living room and 37th floor of Pearlbank, for a documentary record of Pearlbank for The National Heritage Board. More on this later.....


05 | 07 | 2011  Poole Associates welcomes Olivier Henry and producer Chong Jie as well as team of stylists for a photo shoot in our living room, for Adidas. www.milkphotographie.com


15 | 10 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Director Julius Landau for a television spot for AXN, cable channel, featuring celebrity host Eunice Olsen. Shooting 2-9pm Monday 18th October.

04 | 09 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Teo Hui Min from ITE Simei for the filming of a music video for 'Ethereal' on the 4th - 5th September 2010.

30 | 08 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Abhijit and photographer for an upcoming story about Pearlbank in Lonely Planet Magazine India.

29 | 08 | 2010  Listen to Our Walls re-airs at 7:30 pm on Chanel 5. The Story of Pearlbank.

05 | 07 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Monochromatic Pictures for the filming of an episode of 'Tina's Catering' on Suria, channel 104. 3-7pm

19 | 04 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Wei Jiet + Caroline for an afternoon wedding photo shoot by photographer John Lin of  John15 photography.

25 | 02 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Jay Gee Group for a photo shoot for Dockers. [9:am till 6:pm] Print ads. Image above

24 | 02 | 2010  Poole Associates welcomes Zhao Wei Films for the making of a music video to be screened at the Singapore Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo ! [6:pm till midnight] Click the image above to watch the final video.
















22 | 10 | 2009  Poole Associates commences on the last major wet-works renovation [phase 4] of Penthouse One. Total reconstruction of the foyer guest toilet and a new massive 200 sq ft spa bath en-suite at the master bedroom, which will feature an open air soak tub, and orchid garden. After this phase, only stair reconstruction remains to be done in the living room and Library, scheduled for 2012. Above : the dining room is complete 23rd November 2009


25 | 08 | 2009  Poole Associates welcomes Kenneth Eu of production house : Moviola Asia Pte Ltd for a television commercial to be shot at Penthouse One, some time mid September.

Webpage : www.moviola.com.sg


00 | 00 | 2009  watch the Video here >

The Great Decay - by The Great Spy Experiment


06 | 04 | 2009  Poole Associates welcomes Ms. Kelley Cheng of Singapore Architect for another photo shoot of Pearlbank, and Penthouse One, on 09.04.09. The feature will appear on newsstands 15th May 2009.


24 | 03 | 2009  Poole Associates welcomes Tan Kai Li of Originasia Pictures LLP for the booking of Penthouse One, for a new mini series on places of architectural interest for Channel News Asia. Filming is to be done in May 2009. The Chanel News Asia episode will air on 23rd September 2009. Scene.City    



Tom Ang mis-identifies 7 sculptures in the Scene City Singapore episode featuring Penthouse One. These are not 'African', but Magic Staffs from the Batak people of northern Sumatra


06 | 02 | 2009  Poole Associates welcomes Rabbithead Enterprises Pte Ltd for the centerfold photo shoot of Playmate Tiffany Livingston at Penthouse One to be featured in VIP Magazine debut Issue ! [the local version of Playboy] - our 'Chill Sofa' has certainly seen some action!




07 | 08 | 2008  Poole Associates celebrates the death of the Pearlbank en-block committee. The term has lapsed and any new attempts now fall under the new October 2007 regulations, which are more stringent, but still pathetically inappropriate and bent towards communist ideals.


05 | 06 | 2008  With hotel room rates rapidly rising, we have had guests staying at the Penthouse more often. From 5th June our friends, clients and colleagues will be enjoying our in-house 5-star luxury. All beds have been changed to Simmons Backcare 4 with super lux Ploh goosedown pillows, linens and robes.


visit : http://www.plohdirect.com


21 | 02 | 2008  Poole Associates welcomes Spinn for another filming session at Penthouse One.


09 | 01 | 2008 The photo shoot for Feb issue of FORM took place from 1:pm till 9:pm. 20 stunning images by Maurice + Eddy. See the results on the listing above. or here


21 | 12 | 2007 Poole Associates welcomes 'Love Singapore', a new program to be screened on Channel 5 in 2008, for filming at Penthouse One, on 21st December 2007. 


20 | 12 | 2007 Poole Associates welcomes Eddy Koh, editor of FORM magazine for a pre-interview on 20th Dec, for an upcoming design feature. Photo session 9th Jan 2008 at Penthouse One.


17 | 12 | 2007 Poole Associates welcomed photographer Andrew Rowat from Wallpaper Magazine UK on 17th-18th December, for his second shoot of Penthouse One, Pearlbank for the March issue.


15 | 12 | 2007 Poole Associates welcomed The Disney Chanel for the filming of a trailer in our living room loft space at Penthouse One, Pearlbank, on the morning of 15th Dec 2007. Airs 31st December.


03 | 12 | 2007 Andrew Rowat from Wallpaper Magazine UK reserves a date in mid December to shoot Pearlbank and Penthouse One again for a feature in an upcoming issue. Hopefully it won't rain this time.


23 | 10 | 2007 Interior tour of Penthouse One 'archifest' tour is cancelled. Our penthouse is no longer available for mass events. Ad agencies, photographers etc. may be allowed, depending on the circumstances. This is now a home, not a renovation site.


08 | 09 | 2007 Business Times article on Penthouse One is published [see link above] and students from SIA take photos for the Archifest brochure at Penthouse One Pearlbank.



11 | 08 | 2007  Singapore National Day weekend and the unexpected invitation to dine aboard Kalizma - the 165 ft yacht formerly owned by Richard Burton + Elizabeth Taylor. Now fully restored. Thanks to the captain and crew for an unforgettable evening. Picture taken over the bow with the island-site of where the new Jumierah Private Island Resort, Phuket will be located.



07 | 08 | 2007 Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) will be organizing a Architectural Festival during November and December. As part of this ArchiFest, they have Architectural Tours which will bring Architects, Designers and students to visit several iconic buildings in Singapore. Please contact Geraldine Ng at the SIA for reservations:  archifest@sia.org.sg

02 | 08 | 2007  Movingvisuals.com visits our penthouse again for another installment of Sony Style on Chanel 19 - AXN. This time Royston Tan is interviewed in our living room, and a short segment with a Bravia TV is filmed. Airs in approx. 2 weeks. Below a screen shot from the first episode with presenter Stephanie Carrington.


29 | 06 | 2007  Pearlbank reaches +80% signed for en-block. Poole Associates starts discussions with Drew + Napier to represent us in our case to The Strata Title Board to halt the sale of the building. 


28 | 06 | 2007 Watch for another article in the local Chinese Newspaper for a story about Pearlbank, coming out tomorrow the 29th.


28 | 06 | 2007 Movingvisuals.com confirms another filming at Pearlbank, this time for Sony Style on Chanel 19. Shoot takes place 11th July at Penthouse One. Aired Friday 27th July at 8:30pm


27 | 06 | 2007 Conde Nast Magazine, NY [via Reelloco Singapore] expresses interest in featuring Pearlbank Penthouse One in an upcoming issue. Photography took place 6th July 2007. Watch for it in the October issue of Conde Nast Traveller  -  a special on Singapore. The images look fantastic !


08 | 06 | 2007 Wallpaper Magazine UK expresses interest in featuring Pearlbank Apartments in an upcoming issue. Photography takes place 16th June 2007, on a rainy Saturday.


16 | 05 | 2007 Poole Associates interview with The International Herald Tribune, regarding attempts in Singapore to rescue modern buildings from demolition. "It's about time that these outdated en-block policies go to an international audience", says architect Ed Poole. "and they get exposed for what they are, driven by greed with no regard for the environmental, cultural and socioeconomic consequences". See the article below


04 | 05 | 2007 ISH Magazine fashion shoot takes place at Penthouse One with photographer Olivier Henry and producer Chong Jie from www.milkphotographie.com. Images here


25 | 04 | 2007 Ed Poole interviews with The New Paper reporter Desmond Ng on the devastating results of en-block legislation in Singapore and the deadly consequences to iconic buildings, the architectural + design community and loss of individual rights to communist ideals in Singapore.


"As a PR in Singapore for 18 years, my neighbors can vote me out of my privately owned home via en-block, destroying my life savings and retirement, but I have no rights to vote for or against the overpaid politicians that enacted these insane communist policies".


21 | 04 | 2007 Poole Associates visits Reflections at Keppel Bay to view potential replacement flats if Pearlbank goes en-block. As we suspected, the same sq footage as we have now will be over $10,000,000 sgd ! Why anyone would vote for en-block is beyond our comprehension, as the downgrading would become severely depressing. "Shoe box spaces at stratospheric prices are not our cup of tea, and I don't have 90-100 years to pay off the mortgage"


16 | 04 | 2007 Phase 3 of our renovations are complete. Installation of all floors including 2,500 sq ft of marble cladding to a new guest toilet and our 1,000 sq ft roof deck now give the unit a fresh look. We are no longer the raw construction site from years ago.


10 | 02 | 2007 Poole Associates was pleased to host the 7th installment of ROJAK "Save the Modern Building" Series at our Pearlbank Penthouse. More than 200 attended. For more information about Rojak contact Torrance at Farm.


12 | 12-15 | 2006  Filming took place in our living room and bedrooms [in Outram Park] for scenes in the latest movie by Thai-born Ekachai Uekrongtham, an award-winning theatre director and founding artistic director of ACTION Theatre, a Singapore-based professional theatre company.

Pleasure Factory premiered at the Cannes Film festival on 27th May 2007.

Text from the film distributor fortissimofilms below.......


Synopsis : Inspired by true stories and real-life characters, PLEASURE FACTORY tells an intimate and seductive tale involving pleasure seekers and pleasure providers in Geylang, Singapore's red light district. In the course of one night, an army boy loses his virginity with the help of his experienced buddy; a teenage girl gets initiated into the pleasure manufacturing process; and a jaded prostitute pays a young busker good money in exchange for a song he never gets to sing.

The first feature film ever to be shot entirely on actual locations in Geylang, [
artistic license?] it stars Golden Horse Best Actress Yang Kuei-Mei (Ang Lee's EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN) and Ananda Everingham (Thai Horror Hit SHUTTER) alongside a cast of fresh talents found through street casting in the red light district and around Singapore.



23 | 04 | 06  Andy Zeng | 曾伟雄  Producer of Originasian Pictures confirms a filming on 22nd May at Penthouse One for "Scene City -Singapore" to be aired on Chanel News Asia.


21 | 04 | 06 Monochromatic Pictures Singapore  will shoot a music video for a local band called "The Great Spy Experiment" at Penthouse One on 29th April. The music video will be launched on YouTube, a music portal called WiMe and possibly MTV in the future. Links will be created here.



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