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This 21 meter diameter building is partially buried into the beach, concealing the true mass of the structure. The dance floor is below the sand, and a 7 meter tall whiskey lounge is hidden beneath the earth berm.

Inspired by rock formations, sea shells and adductor muscles in clams, this building form helps to contain noise from the hotel block, and sliding glass panels protect it from driving monsoon winds. A seemingly simple building from the exterior, the interior is probably our most complex and complicated architectural design to date.    

2018 Kayak Travel Awards Singapore > Favourite Resort Hotel in Southeast Asia (Outbound)


Overlooking the beach and WETŪ, you can go from pool and sea to cool and never leave the sunshine when you sightsee and sup from WooBar's sky deck, where you can continue soaking in the rays in the tanning and lounging area. From up where you belong, extensive ocean views and the perfect spot for the famous Bali sunset keep spirits high, and we don't just mean the never  ending selection of beers, wines and creatively colorful cocktails mixed behind the bar.

Speaking of mixing it up, a revolving rotation of hot international DJs spin tunes from the turntable in the club and main bar, keeping soul-stirring tempo in Bali's most vibrant and upbeat nightlife destination. Inspired by the ocean, WooBar is designed to symbolize a giant wave in action on the beach, an artistic architecture of curvaceous raw concrete that adds to the spectacular vistas on the shore. Surrounded by 14 panels of curved glass that slide like an enormous visor to protect the space from the weather, the main bar is a stunning direct representation of a coral reef. A marvelous construction takes the dance floor under-beach, where you go below to get down. A variety of comfort foods featuring Asian and Mediterranean flavors keeps you energized around the pool, or during lunch and dinner on the deck.

Chrome plated 'Keong' [snails] ceiling at the dance floor






The Whiskey Lounge is a subterranean space within Woobar, with a 7m high ceiling, hidden under the beach.  

In 2008, Poole Associates was commissioned to design seven experiences at W Retreat & Spa, Bali.

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The club features bespoke items such as bar tables resembling coral, grand chandeliers with Nautilus shell shades and shell swags, with bronze seahorse adornments. 

The bespoke Nautilus chandelier is installed on 15.03.11


The construction process ......


Part of this commission was to provide a full architectural package for Woobar, the primary bar for the Retreat. The photos on this page document this process, beginning with site selection below....


The concrete footings are poured. Care is taken to keep the existing Pura from damage. 

The dance floor is to be located below the beach, to isolate the hotel from excessive noise. Slab levels are determined to protect the building from the eventuality of a hundred-year high tide  coinciding with a full moon. Pumps are placed below the lowest slab levels and the kitchen is detailed with waterproof doors. 


The building is sited as close to the boundary line as possible, with slab heights determined to maintain the site lines to the ocean horizon from the second floor hotel rooms.

The circular facade will be protected from monsoon rain and wind by a series of operable glass panels.


It's apparent that the sunset views from the roof of the bar are going to be spectacular.

The concrete form-work of the pool is taking shape in July-August. Landscape design is by Karl Princic of Intaran Bali.

380 palm trees with eventually fill the site. Many are located inside the pool.



The internal scissor stairs provide access to the upper level day beds, then drops to a mid-landing for access to the dance floor below, the kitchen, or back up to the Coral Bar at the pool deck. An external stair provides access to the roof, where special events like weddings will take place, overlooking the Pura and the sea.


Vaulting of the interior begins in August. The roof slab is waterproofed, then another layer of concrete added, and finally the timber decking.

The Great Room + Fire are being clad with hand chiseled Kerobokan Batu in the background








The concrete bustle that houses the Whisky Lounge will eventually be concealed with back fill - covering approx 45% of the building from view. A switchback ramp will provide access from the Great Room to the roof deck. Skylights will be treated with 'smartfilm' to opaque the surfaces when required for privacy.

The pool is filled with water to test for leaks. Landscaping proceeds and the main building nears external completion. 24th August 2010. 


January 2011 : The pool areas are very near completion, the glass partitions are installed, just in time for Monsoon season, and final finishing of the interior vaulting is underway




18.01.11 the alfresco decking is complete, and ready for guests, once the bespoke seating arrives.......



A 7.0m Big Ass Fan in chrome finish is installed over the Coral Bar

2 Isis Big Ass Fan in satin Aluminium finish are installed over the Dance floor, and under the skylights


The completed look in March 2011. A bespoke series of seating components has been designed for Woobar which includes round day beds, large wing lounge chairs, dining chairs and various side and  dining  tables.

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